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Is it just me???


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... or is anyone else having a bad day? :(

It's so beautiful out, and I'm stuck in this hole of an office dealing with mindless co-workers...putting out unecessary fires, dealing with all sorts of issues and problems. Buyers yelling at me from EVERY angle because our production dept is lacking...

geez....I haven't had a day like this in so long. And to top it off, no one will be waiting at home with a bottle of wine, dinner, and nimble hands good for massages...

....today blows a fucking nut! That's for sure... :( :( :(

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haha. sorry sweetie... im actually having a halfway decent day & thats a first. yeah its beautiful out, i wish i was doing something interesting but unfortunately im stuck in this office, at least im stuffing my face with some good food and bullshitting on here. to make matters even better, my bitch supervisoris out, so i dont have to deal with her evil eye everytime my phone rings.


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