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Does acid go bad over time?

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Originally posted by shroomy

as long as it is not exposed to excessive heat or light it will last many months.

In total darkness and refrigerated, it will last almost indefinetly.

par usual gotta agree with Shroomy on this one..i left a vial in a freezer once for a little over 3 years...didnt freeze the contents..the vial was a little brittle..took it out last new years and dosed a whole party with it...good good shit...think i have a few left need to check that freezer again lol

speaking of which..when i lived with my rents i used to hit my stash in the freezer...damn glad they never happened onto it

:eek: :eek: "mom thats not breath freshne......damn"

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Originally posted by jimk29

yeah, it goes bad if you leave it out. Stick it in your freezer and it will stay fresh for quite some time.

yeah i hear that if you keep it in the fridge it wont go bad

but i wouldnt know, i never keep it around that long, i always end up eating it hehe ;)

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