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The final Spit before Kostap gets knocke the fuck out


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I got blood on my hooves and there's no remorse

and got blood on my dick cause I fucked a a virgin

I'm a nasty donkey- when you pass me kostap look me in my eyes

Tell me to my fuckin face that you ready to die

You be a dead motherfucker, red motherfucker

Don't be stupid, you heard what I said motherfucker

Who Knocked you the fuck out? Aww bitch, like you don't know

Punchin you for yo' dough while I'm punchin yo' broke ho ou818

Yo! Don't you get the picture? Bitch you can't touch me

Cause I don't give a fuck, I'll get you touched Boooyeee

You got choice, to apologize to the donkeys or pay the price,

and enough crazy donkeys behind me to start a war

So what you want slut? Help, cause youse about to rest

When im done, Red Cross couldn't clean up the mess

And a vest will do nuttin but make you look a little thicker

Cause in the dark - you ain't nuttin but a LIL' biootch

And if you'd been thinkin about that shit you did

You wouldn'ta brought the joint, wit you kid,

now I'ma have to get you bitch, and split your wig, wit the machete

I bring beef to fat motherfuckers, and string em out, like spaghetti

You ain't ready - nor can you stand how I'm bringin it

I'm givin it is how I'm livin it so I'm swingin it

Red dot on your head, cause youse in mid range

Red dot on your chest, opens up your rib cage \\

yah bioootch. The time is fucking near. Tomorrow night your getting knocked the fuck out and Ill be 1,000 richer. You best pay up bioootch!!!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S. If anyone responds to the post consider yourself on the donkey punch list

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rdntheshortbus, dude if you end up at factory on sunday that is fucking insane. Parting all night at delaware then driving 4 hours to factory. that is a just insane. plus if you plan on going to work on monday i wouldnt be able to move for atleast 3 days

You are fucking nutsl


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