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Goin' to Amsterdam. Any advice?


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Anybody here a seasoned traveler of Amsterdam? Me and my girl are gonna be there the last week of November for a day or two and I wanna know the hotspots to hit.

I'll probably want to buy a book about it first, but I'd want to get a book that covered all sides of the experience, if you know what I mean.

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where to start.

Hot clubs (may have changed of course) Kremlin, iT, Escape.

Places to visit. Van Gogh museum, Heiniken Brewery, Red Light District. Yep, even your girl will be amazed with the red light district. It is surreal, especially at night. Plus the red light area has some of the best coffe shops.

shit... gotta go, more later.

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And it was great. Here's the deal. Most of the coffee shops. (i.e. the shops that sell pot) are about the same. And most of them are around the central train station. (Its on the north end of the city and the part where your going to be hanging out will be south of the train station.) The further away you get from the train station, the fewer coffee shops you'll find.

When I went into one of these coffee shops, I just asked for the best stuff they had. It cost me about $10 for a nice sized bud. (2 or 3 joints. I got this shit they called AK-47) They give you complimentary rolling papers. The Dutch don't like you to walk around the street getting high, (although lots of people do.) Hang out in the coffee shop and smoke your joint.

The other thing I did was go to the live sex shows. There is one in particular which was highly recomended by a local Amsterdam tour review handed out at the hotel. I believe it's call the pink circus or something like that. (maybe pink elephant..) In anycase, what amazed me the most was there were basically equal numbers of guys and gals. When I left, (I closed the place down,) I was the only single guy there. The rest were couples. It wasn't a sleazy kind of show at all. It was a clean theater and the show's that were put on were done with some very decent looking men and women. (some very hot women actually, the gals will have to comment on how hot the guys were...)

Of course, I got stoned before going into the show....

I hope that helps....

Have fun!

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Van Gogh is a must as is the Rijks (sp) Museum. If you don't hit those two you will feel like you smoked away your vacation. Heneiken Brewery is a must as well.

Most of the Coffeeshops are the same as was said above. You aren't going to get special deals anywhere and you aren't going to care after you step into your first one, trust me.

Before you lose your mind get settled into your hotel or hostel and get a tourist map (they have maps that list all the notables). The temptation to get blasted right off the train is huge but if you resist and get situated first you will love yourself later and be more able to relax into a fat session, care free.

Don't let your GF out of your sight. There are some creepy ass people in A-dam.

What else....

Try one of everything! Don't be surprised if you spend a day just sitting around your room sampling all the shit you bought and never make it out. It's as easy to smoke as if your breathing there and it has the possiblity of draining your energy where downtime, some sex, and a nap is a joy.

Use papers to get the flavor and full effect baby yeah.

Rent some bicycles for an afternoon and tour around the city. Mucho fun from what I'm told.

Get one of those pommes frites cones of munchy french fry lovin when your hungry. They rock!

As a last note, PM if you want a relatively risk free method of getting a small stash out of A-dam if you are taking a train. They randomly do K-9 searches but I devised a successful means of getting around that =) There is nothing better than taking a little bit of A-dam back with you.

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Ooh,thanks for the tips.

I'll definitely be sure to check out Van Goh, go for a bike ride, keep track of my girl, and we're even staying at what was the first Heineken brewery! It was turned into a hotel.

I think I'll pass on trying to bring stuff back, though. Its not worth the risk to me.

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