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Originally posted by copahc

Has anyone been to La Boom? I was wondering if it's any good. What kind of music do they play there? Thanks

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Just had a conversation about it last night with one of my friends - he said the place is pretty cool. He had gone a couple of times- the first time he went he said the girls way outnumbered the guys like 4 to 1, the second time he said it was the opposite and the last time he went it was closer to 50/50. So who knows what you'll get tonight. Sorry - thats all I can remember - no idea how the music is - don't think I'd trust his opinion anyway. Oh - and he said they have really nice couches :D

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Just got off the phone with him and he let me know that the majority of what they play is top 40 hip-hop (jay-z, eminem...) along with some old school re-mixes - have fun!!! :tongue:

Oh and he said to give you a gum warning - said everyone spits their gum on the floor in the hallway going to the bathroom??? :confused:

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Thanks, I appreciate the advice. I went on Friday night and had a GREAT time. The DJ was spinning mostly techno with a splash of hip-hop. He was a really cool guy(DJ Roland), said he would put me on his guestlist from now on. I thought the music was really good. The drinks were really strong, maybe too strong :drunk:

The male female ratio was in favor of the girls Friday night... the only thing I din't like, was that the floor was sticky, and it seemed like every place to sit in the joint was reserved. I recommend it though, and the DJ gets a:mad: :cool: thumbs up.

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