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New Vocal Skribs is Playing--

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def not the new Jana....

Im thinkin its Tina Ann's new one...not 100 percent sure tho. Props to Atip calling out Dezrock on the production. I think its Dezrock who did it, but im continuing my hmwk to find out about this track....its a banger!!

Mike Bugout

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okay now its all coming together....

i called Julia to ask her if they give a tracklist but she said to ask some guy named Sal Parma who brings the cd's every week (Sal Parm) plus he told me he had a vocal coming--

He's also got like 5 new tribal tracks that are really good...he brought them to roxy one night when it was slow and rizzo played them all...One is a track Vicious has been destroying....

thanks Dog--now we just need an artist...

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