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Correlation btw. Over-Sexiness in ShowBiz and nervous breakdowns

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First Mariah Carey went from her nice-girl image to a ultra-mini skirt sexy pop star diva, and now Christina Aguilara, who used to be in control, seems to have gone off the deep end.

I liked Mariah Carey back in the day with "Emotions" and that other hit she 1st came out with. Same with Christina Aguilara.

But it seems like these 2 became borderline Sluts, and now they both suffered from nervous breakdowns. And i've heard of other famous women (Marylin Monroe, for example) who seemed to push the limit, and ended up getting bit for it.

I just figure that they were pushed into the spotlight, and somehow swayed to change their image into a slutty fashion just to sell more records, but NOW look at them.

Just my thoughts :idea:

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And yet your wood didnt force you against your free will to purchase her entire collection?....or did it?


I do have to shamefully admit to falling for that trap with Fiona Apple's Criminal Cd....but i was shocked when the music was just as sexy :aright:

Originally posted by phuturephunk

. . . All I know is . . when I saw her (Mariah) in that video with all those cutesy outfits on . . . I popped wood on the spot . . .

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