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**so who here is a fan of acid?**

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i like the money it makes me, thats bout it...

damn my first time on acid i took 3 double dipped papers...omg i cant explain what that was like. i bugged out laffin at everything for like 6 hours...then started freakin out and crying and going crazy with a knife and shit...not so cool...

the next time i took 5 papers, watched the city of lost children and snatch, the fight scene in snatch blew me away, crazy visuals...then i bugged out again

the last time i took cid i took like 7 of them...it was fun...i stared at myself in the mirror for hours. it looked like spider webs were moving under my skin and my face looked all crazy. then as i lay in bed i thought my closet was a mouth that was going to eat me and my bed was being pulled into it...freaky...

i dont take that stuff ne more...and the city is not as dry as u think...

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Acid seems pretty dope and shit I guess since I've never done it, but the only reason I've never done it is b/c the idea of bugging out for like 8 hrs just doesn't make me too excited about it. Plus, I don't really know much about it or the after-results and stuff so any info would be helpful.

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