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old skool girls' rap mix suggestions, please

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i'm gonna make an old skool all-girl rap mix for a friend, but my mind is drawing a big ol' blank on tracks. all that i've got so far is:

jj fad - supersonic

(tigre and bunny g.?) - cars that go boom

neneh cherry - buffalo stance

anyone got any ideas for me :) ?

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Queen Latifah - Ladies First or U.N.I.T.Y.

TLC - Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg

Mary J Blige - Real Love

2 Live Crew - Me So Horny (well the chorus was female)

MC Lyte - Cha cha cha

Rage - Afro Puffs

Yo-Yo- Sisterland

Salt N Pepa - Shoop

Monie Love - It's a Shame

Da Brat - Sitting On Top of the World

Missy Elliot - Supa Dupa Fly (Sorry it's starting to get fairly recent here)

This has more to do with the times than anything else, but there really weren't many old school female hip-hoppers....it was pretty damn frowned upon until the mid-90's....unfortunately, the first two songs I can remember where women were rapping were The Cars That Go Boom and Supersonic....those were both in the 80's, but most of the rest of female hip-hop was from about 1991-1993. The other problem you'll have with mixing is that 80's rap was about 40 bpm faster than 90's rap. For example, I spin 138 bpm breakbeat, and when I find old ass southern rap records (i.e. 2 Live Crew, Deuce, DJ Laz), I have no problem spinning them into my sets. Just a warning when you're trying to mix 130 bpm supersonic with 85 bpm afro puffs....

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I don't know how far back you want to go but if your talkin old school you should maybe throw some Roxanne Shante in there.

Roxanne's Revenge, Go On Girl, or Def Fresh Crew, or Have A Nice Day....her battle with BDP/KRS1

"...With that name sounding like a wack radio station

And as for Scott LaRock, you should be ashamed

When T. La Rock said it’s yours, he didn’t mean his name

BDP stands for broken down punks cause I’m an all-star just like Julius Irving

And Roxanne Shante is only good for steady serving...†...heh...

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thanks so much, everyone :D !

i was actually singing "i got a man" to myself today, at the drugstore. i remembered that one. but i can't believe i forgot "pump up the jam."

o, and brickhouse, i should've said i'm just making a compilation. shiiiiiiiiiiiit, i don't do none o' that mixing, spinning, dj-ing stuff. so this won't be too hard, i hope. i am having problems learning how to use roxio, though; it came with my comp, but it didn't come with a manual :mad: . and, the other day, when i tried to burn a 70 min. track i downloaded, it only registered 20 minutes of it. i may have to post a thread about that :worry: .

if you guys think of any more, please let me know, and thanks again :D !

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Originally posted by ronalds

"milk is chillin" is Audio Two- Top Billin(brother of MC Lyte) but i though we were talking about female artists.

thanks for the answer :) , and yeah, lookin' for the ladies :) .

can anyone help me id this song? i really wanna find this one, but can't remember the title or artist. here's the thread:


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