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Makes me wonder ?

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Why guys don't buy everything from the Victorias Secret store and give it as gifts. I think it benfits men more then women what are your thoughts ?

Lingerie really a man's way of saying here put this on, your my fuck toy ?

Or ????

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Usually it's because of sizing. Unless you've been going out with a girl for a while, would you know her bra size/underwear size? I know guys that have been with girls for months and STILL don't know her size. (But they can sure remove a bra in one snap):D

One of the worst fears, and it is a legit fear, is getting something for a girl that's the wrong size.

Too big-"You thought I was that big???"

Too small-"Oh my God, I got that big?

It definitely benefits men at LEAST as much as it does women, but a lot of guys are just to fearful of the confrontation to bother. Hell, some of the guys can't even get off the couch/take their hands off the catalog. Hmm, Tyra, lace teddy, page 37...

But having spoken to lots of women, some girlfriends, most not, in my advanced years, I've come to this conclusion:

Victoria's Secret- Sensual, sexy, but tasteful. "I have stong feelings for you. Let me make love to you"

Fredericks- Slutty, pornographic. "You, on your back now, bitch"

Upscale dept stores (Bloomingdales, Saks) trendy, conservative. "You're my wife. Let's have sex."

All others (Sears, etc.)-what are you thinking? "Ugh, my grandmom wears bloomers like those."

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i think its ok for a guy to buy victorias secret for his girl... i think its nice if he takes her shopping there... so she can pick what size she is exactly.. and they both can pick out things that work for both of them ;) but i also think its ok for the woman to buy lingerie/undies and whatever else for herself b/c it makes herself feel sexy... and its always fun to suprise ur man when he takes ur pants off :idea:... the look on his face is priceless :)

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