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Mix CDs: Retail vs. Locally circulated

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There are a lot of DJ's in DC who do mix CD's on a fairly regular basis and hand them off... this is one aspect of DC I really like and know many others are happy to be a part of as well... this is a VERY important tool we can use to spread music amongst ourselves, and to get other people interested in this music.... so, in an effort to push our own talents a little further, I have a question...

Which do you prefer, getting a mix CD from someone local or picking up a big name DJ mix CD from Tower ?

Why ?

Is it just because of different musical styles, or are there quality issues with the local handout CD's as far as sound quality, mixing, etc ?

Do you get tired of hearing a mix with a few flaws in them, and end up letting them go by the wayside in favor of the masterfully mixed, perfect, homogenized mass production CD's ?

I noticed on some peoples top 10 mix lists that quite a few people listed local DJ mix CD's on their current rotation, and that's hot. I'm just wondering if there is anything DJ's think they can do to make those mix CD's just as good as the retail mix CD's or if they already are just as good as the retail mix CD's....

Just a question...


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