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Chris McDonald

Happy Holidays 2U Dec 7th 2002 by Columns of Knowledge

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Last year the holiday season was turned inside out on Dec 8th 2001. The end

of the year is a time of celebration, of family, and get togethers. We got

together with almost 2000 people in blizzard conditions and got down with

some crazy fuckin vibe! From Santa's "special" helpers, to Santa himself

making a cameo appearance, this event brought out the positive energy of the

season and turned it into something memorable for all who came. The

underground family get together of the the holiday season is BACK again. Come

feel the warmpth of this magical time of year as we get ready to bring you

that feeling once more... HAPPY HOLIDAYS 2 U

DECEMBER 7th 2002



Featuring HIPP-E (Soma, Nightshift, Siesta, Champion Sound) + HALO (Soma,

Bluem, Siesta, Champion Sound)

Prepare for house, tech-house, and funky soulful grooving business at its


Halo has been involved with dance music since he got his first job at

Chicago's Hip House Records at the age of 9. A native of the golden West,

Hipp-e has pushed the envelope of dance music from the tender age of 16.

After the psychotic atmosphere of the Midwest rave scene had lost its appeal,

production seemed to be more than the next step, it was Halo's way of

connecting with the rest of the world and a way to escape the increasing

intensity of Chicago. A longtime friendship and common interests led him to

try a project with Hipp-e and the H-Foundation aka 6400 Crew was established.

The two produced a hybrid sound that paired the jackin' beats of Chicago with

the smoked out sounds of the Pacific. Quickly supported by Siesta Music in

their new home of San Diego, their new friends at Soma in Glasgow, label

giant Hooj Choons, and even the East coast legends at Yoshitoshi, they drew

the attention of the world to the self-contained music industry of the West

coast. Sets at Fabric London, Turbo Toronto, Zouks Singapore, Soma Glasgow,

Twilo New York, More Amsterdam, Pacha Buenos Aires, and Allenby Tel-Aviv

caused clubbers worldwide to re-evaluate what they could and would dance to.

Music that they had always considered too deep was finally being presented to

them the right way and their Saturday nights would never be the same. His

sets at raves in New Zealand, Montreal, Croatia, Spain, Brazil and all over

the United States challenged them to bridge the gap between the depth they

needed to fulfill themselves and the energy that the crowds were craving.

This idea gave way for Halo to releases like the seminal "Future" on Siesta

and his reremix for Sirus' "Eye For An Eye" on NRK and has inspired a whole

new generation of producers and DJ's to follow suit. Pre-release orders for

the first Bluem release, a solo project on Halo's own label, have already

outdone sales of any other record from the West coast. As A&R for San

Francisco based Tango Recordings, Hipp-E is able to take his knack for

finding amazing records to play out and apply it to finding upcoming

producers from around the world who will help to shape ththe future of dance

music. This summer the duo has completed a full length album as

H-Foundation. With DJing schedules that shows no signs of slowing down, and a

resume that already puts them at the top of their field, and an ever growing

potential in the studio, Hipp-e and Halo will continue to realize their

dreams and inspire the rest of the industry. 3:00-5:00AM

ELECTRIC SKYCHURCH (www.skychurch.com, CA)

1st LIVE PA TOUR with vocalist Roxanne in 4 years!

ELECTRIC SKYCHURCH holds an important place in America's electronic music

scene with songs in a class of their own and music you can't forget. Their

live performances blend elements of trance, breaks, techy sound scapes, and

beautiful melodies. Heralded as one of the top electronica live PA in the

country with global touring schedules a stop at an intimate NE event is a

rare experience not to be missed! Founded in 1989 as a moniker for James

Lumb's solo material, Electric Skychurch has expanded from a one-man band to

a full multi-media ensemble with a large revolving cast and crew. In 1992

James released the first, self titled, "Electric Skychurch" EP which quickly

circulated on cassette through LA's underground pirate music scene. In 1993

David deLaski joined the project and the pair became some of the original

Mojave Desert performers that led to the "Moontribe" collective. It was

during this period that Lumb penned "Deus", a song that defined the West

Coast Trance sound. A second album called "Together," climbed to #1 on the

CMJ RPM chart and stayed there for 20 weeks. As the music gained popularity,

Electric Skychurch's live show began to take on a new life. For the next

three years, Electric Skychurch stayed on the road continuously introducing

DJ John Kelley, drummer Alex Spurkel, VJ Greg Leeper and singer Roxanne

Morganstern to it's line-up. Unlike rock bands, Skychurch played raves and

drew crowds in the tens of thousands. During a tour, he was filmed by

director John Reese for interviews that later became part of the feature

film, "Better Living Through Circuitry," giving the world a refreshingly

honest portrait of the reclusive producer. In the years following his exit

from Moonshine, James Lumb recorded hundreds of songs for future Skychurch

releases. After much prodding from DJ John Kelley, Lumb formally began

releasing music again in 2001 with the single release on vinyl of "Heaven."

In October of 2001 James released "Sonic Diary" through Water Music Records.

"Sonic Diary" was quickly named one of the top 20 LP's of 2001 by Mixer

Magazine. James is currently working on a full length uptempo dance LP with

veteran producer Clif Brigden, who has several number one hits under his belt

and has worked with John Digweed, Thomas Dolby, and many others. 2:00-3:00AM

SPACE GIRL (Hardbeat Records, spacegirlmusic.com/greymultimedia.com,


The Queen of Acid Trance returns to beat the hell out of the crowd once

again. A constant staple at most major events in the NYC area and a NE

favorite, this woman delivera a punch that is almost unparallelled. With

vinyl and cd releases doing very well for herself, she is a force to be

reckoned with in any circuit. Her releases include: Dream Your Dreams,

Unknown Planet, and Mission 0001. With more production work being highly

anticipated by fans worldwide, she is guaranteed to make the room explode

with energy! 1:00-2:00AM

ROB GEE (www.adamrecordings.com, NATAS, BML, NJ)

1st Columns appearance ever! "How many of your people want some hard ass

shit?" Well a lot apparently cuz we get tons of requests for this guy! Rockin

Europe and US events constantly, with his full length cd on BML catching him

attention in more markets than ever, Rob stands poised as one of the few

pushers of the gabber, hardcore sounds that is breaking into the global

market. With collaboratory efforts with the legendary hardcore band of the

early 90's Biohazard under way, his image and profile is growing rapidly and

he is prepared to level the foundation and make the crowd go absolutely nuts!

You have been warned! 12:00-1:00AM

OSHEEN (Blinded Records, RI)

A grandfather of NE's scene, Osh comes correct constantly! His smooth

blendings and sexy house sounds make people shake that ass like almost none

other. Presently putting finishing touches on multiple vinyl projects while

he projects himself at his audience. An old friend and an amazing dj...get

ready to get rocked! 11:00-12:00AM

KNOWLEDGE (Columns of Knowledge Recordings, Columnsofknowledge.com, CT)

CT's longest running promotional and production company was founded in 1994

by Chris aka Dj Knowledge. Through his travels and performances he has

learned to blend many styles of funky techno, blazin' hard filter disco

house, progressive, trance, and even nu skool breaks. On request he even

drops a competent dnb set. On the production end his 2nd record should be out

by spring. With a new cd coming and finally his own label underway, Knowledge

always projects the vibe and intensifies. 5:00-6:00AM

DIRTY 'OL FRANK (Volumeproductions.com, Luna Sea, 2AM, RI)

Adrenaline levels have just blown through the roof. Dirty Ol' Frank has been

making a name for himself with outstanding reviews by Mixer Magazine and

ripping up countless events through out the East Coast with his energized

sets of UK Hard House , and the masses of sweaty dancers to prove it. Come

fourth to witness a true pioneer towards the New England hard dance scene

....where's the noize? 10:00-11:00PM

BREAKA DAWN (Operation Breakbeat, Just So, CT)

SPECIAL b-day set! Kickin' the dancefloor's ass from the minute we open is

CT's fastest rising breaks Dj. Her energetic performances coupled with her

ruckus flava make her a girl you don't want to mess with. Her breakbeat

stylings are her local cd releases are continuing to build her fanbass! Feel

the funk and get ready to rock! 9:00-10:00PM


J-SMOOTH (GFS, Sound Gizmo Audio, Argento, Planet Groove, PA)

Getting the funk flowin' faster than K-Y at a nudist colony Philly's local

legend comes back for a rare NE appearance. He's done the duties at such

classic Columns events as All Out Sunshine 2 and Winter Wonderland. His

production work on his own Sound Gizmo imprint has reflected his tastes for

jazzy, hip hop influenced, funky jungle sounds. Always a fav with the femmes.

:)~ Back in action we are pleased to present J-Smooth! 2:00-3:00AM

EMPRESS (Topaz, Criterion, Groundscore, Contagious Musiq, NY)

Cd release Tour for: "Stateside Sessions: Drum & Bass Vol. 2 mixed by


From her humble beginning in southern CT to her global djing schedule she now

maintains, Empress is a favorite of many. Her residencies also include a

monthly party at "Test Press Sundays" and several others around the country.

December 17th, 1999 marked a milestone as she made history by being the first

American invited to play at V Recording's renowned weekly, "Movement" in


The Movement crew and crowd liked her set so well they had her back in

January and in April. She was invited to team up with icons Sage and UFO!

to form Triadd and the quickly slammed out their first single, "Hydroxy",

which was signed to Skunkrock Recordings UK. With an August 2000 release,

Tiadd's first track includes a remix by the UK's highly regarded producers,

Digital and Spirit. With a current intense touring schedule, is till finding

time to work on her own tunes in NYC. We are very pleased to bring back

another longtime friend in the industry when the beautiful and gifted Empress

takes the stage this winter! 1:00-2:00AM

TODD BUCKLER (Columns of Knowledge Recordings, Terpsichore, mp3.Buckler,

www.toddbuckler.com, Che) w/ MC JOSIAH INTALLEKT (True, Che, ME)

With production work coming out on 2 labels in the next year, a mix cd of all

his own material, and an MC that won't let you forget, Mr Buckler is primed

and pumped to deliver once again. Our own resident selecta takes us into the

aggressive, majestic soundscapes he creates to light the flame of your minds

once more. Proper percussion and raging basslines will make you feel the

power. Merry Xmas! 12:00-1:00AM

JOSH HOLIDAY (local 13, DnBASF Rec., PA) w/ MC STAMINA DARCSUN (Junglistic

Preasure Krew ( JPK), Hieratic Soundz, DnBASF, PA)

Happy Holidays wouldn't be complete without Holiday himself! Josh is coming @

u with the most comtemporary ragga around. While stamina is busy in the lab

with JPK, Josh is busy running DnBASF records as well as producing traxx.

Now throwing his own shows (Jungle Tactics), he is comin' up quickly in the

southern half of the east coast dnb community. 11:00-12:00AM

GARON (Stuck On Earth, Taciturn Rec, Response Rec, NY)

Don't blink or you might miss the quickly flexin' skillz of NY's own Garon

rising while you slept. Comin' atcha with his own material, a devoted mind on

his goals, and all kinds of crazy shit... this man is solid on anything he

touches from his web design to his production abilities to his djing control.

Come witness the style. 10:00-11:00PM

MIZTAH LEX (ElementalCompounds.com, Shadows of Society, Boston MA)

One of the masterminds behind Elemental Compounds, Lex's track record goes on

for miles. Not only has he played every major Drum and Bass night in the city

of Boston, but he is one of the few Boston D&B DJs who is frequently playing

in NYC. With a crate full of all the hottest D&B tunes and sets that include

hard to find jams and Hip-Hop classics, his Hip-Hop background comes through

in his rugged mixing style. 3:00-4:00AM

WAGON ((True Productions, The Electrical Chemistry Lab, NYC, Wmass)

Dj'ing since '94, Charles (a.k.a. Dj Wagon, Chef Tender, and Explodio) has

been keeping his beats to himself for many years while perfecting his craft.

With a love for nearly all styles of jungle, he tries to create mixes that

would not only make asses shake on the dance floor, but please any producers

who may take a listen in a studio environment. "Technically hard future funk

that makes bodies swerve, shake, and slam" is how he recently described his

flavor to a friend. Enjoy! 4:00-5:00AM

THE CORRUPTER (Sentinel Syndicate, Neverending Echo, www.bostonraves.org)

The Corrupter has slowly been making his mark on the New England Drum and

Bass Scene. Current projects include a remix for the UK's DJ Daze and

running Sentinel Syndicate with DJ CensiuM. This young man's career is just

starting to bud...be on the lookout for a new name in Stateside Drum and

Bass! 5:00-6;00AM

BLIXX (Drunken Monk, CT)

A true scenester with much love for the scene, supporting and djing at every

opportunity! Her enthusiasm is awesome and we are happy to have this friend

rock the decks to kick off our dnb room for the holiday festivities! Watch

for this one! 9:00-10:00PM


JOHN JACOB (High-5, Vinyl)

John is one of the co-founders of High-5. He is one of the major pioneers in

the area and still continues to organize and coordinate the yearly DJ's

Against Aids charity event along with other various one-offs and the weekly

Vinyl event in Virginia Beach with Marquis Productions. John has performed as

a DJ on the Atlantic Coast all throughout Virginia to West Virginia and as

far away as Honolulu, Hawaii. He is known for his ability to spin all forms

of House and especially tracks laced with soul stirring deepness to

funkdafied disco beats. Give much NE love to this southern east coast rising

star! 12:30-1:45AM

SOBI-ONE aka J. EMRYS (Spiritual Emporium, CT)

SPECIAL farewell set!

Don't cry, the beats are still slammin. Sobi brings it properly every time.

No more, no less. In the past year he continued to prove he is a force to be

reckoned with as he has recently rocked crowds in montreal and released a new

mix cd that is available now. Come join us tonite as this will be his last

performance in the north east for a while before he leaves for the south to

follow greater endeavors. 1:45-3:00AM



After stellar performances on the Revelation Tour 2002, which included

stops in Pittsburgh-PA, Chicago-IL, Springfield-Mass, Edmonton-Canada,

Philadelphia, PA, Hartford-CT and Miami-FL during the 2002 WMC. Tybal has

been crushing dance floors across America and beyond with his unique style of

Hip-Hop, Breaks, and Dnb. Tonight Tybal will be celebrating the release of


new mix cd “ Come Follow Me“ courtesy of Altar Records.



Seamless mixing, razor sharp cuts, and pure dance floor mayhem is what

to expect when this Philadelphia native gets behind the decks. His styles

include D-n-B, Breaks, Hip Hop, london hardcore and House. With performances

in NY, PA, CT, MD, DC, DE, NJ, AZ and Mexico he's quickly become one of the

fastest rising DJ's in thecircuit. His Crew in Philly; Foundation Vibration

runs one of the

city's longest running and most successful weeklies: Automatic.


ENDO (Flex Productions, Neverending-Echo, VT)

VT's fastest rising breaks dj will be coming correct again with another solid

Asylum performance. Giving it you solid and funky, this kid is rapidly pickin

up props in upstate NY, MA, and everywhere else he goes. A recent addition to

the NE crew he is coming up quick.


Now spinning on all corners of the map representin' upstate to the fullest

and residenting at every Y2K event this man rocks crowds with his pumpin

blend of slammin progressive trance, uk hardhouse, funky bizness and beyond.



Megrim is one seriously fucked up individual!!! SERIOUSLY, this guy has

major issues! At one point in his life he was a forensic medical

investigator and had to deal with suicides, homicides, and extremely

decomposed bodies on a regular basis. Normally this would scar the "average"

person, but Megrim loved every second of it, often electing to spend extra

hours at the office in order to witness more horrific scenes of human

cruelty. We really don't know what to do with this guy! Well, I guess we

can always throw him behind the decks in order to scare the holy shit out of

everyone during this most sacred time of year. Happy fucking Holidays

muthafuckers!!!! 3:00-4:00AM

GRIM (Elements Crew, CT) vs PARIAH (indep, CT)

Grim is the Elements Crew resident techno specialist. Non-stop, mechanical,

driving sounds are always a part of his set. Pariah call his sound "dark,

hard, tribal,

sometimes funky tech-house with hints of acid". Pariah = outcast, of the

lowest social class. Together these two men will pound the holiday spirit

into you with their unlenting rhythm! 10:00-11:30PM

DANK (Funky Element, www.dj-dank.net)

Labeled by many as the Acid Assasin, Brian Atwood aka Dj Dank's signature

K.R.A.N.K. style of thunderous driving acid trance, flawlessly mixed w/

touches of hard techno, and dark NU NRG, have been known to completely and

utterly demolish dancefloors. With numerous event productions also under his

belt we are happy to have this LI NY native in the hizouse. 9:00-10:00PM


RHEYMUND (Mammal Music, Columns of Knowledge, NH) vs ANTON BANKS (Moebius,


This will be a very special rare tagteam of intelligence and sound. Over the

years Anton became known for his hard techno sound, however, he has recently

evolved into one of CT's most versatile DJs spinning Techno, Electro, House,

Tech-house and even a little ambient from time to time. You can still catch

him on the radio every week as the host of "Mobius Radio", his show, that is

now in it's 7th year. Rheymund is our resident deep techno and house

selector. Together these men will define the groove with a most proficient

effect. 2:00-3:30AM

"popgirl" 23 (Galanta.net, Female Pressure, The Mercury, ME)

Just back from a series of west-coast gigs, miss 23 will be ready to bring

you back to Earth for a middle of the night soul session featuring her

combination of tribal-deep-n'funky house mixed with nu-jazz breaks.

Sophisticated selections mixed with an old school touch are exactly what has

earned her several weekly residencies up in Portland as well as numerous

bookings around New England (and beyond). - "House will never die"


SMAD (Lost Angelz, MA)

Coming through the ranks and building a solid western MA following for his

smooth layerings and now becoming known for his co-production work with Dj

Weez this techy, funky, groovy genius is gonna take you there... 3:30-4:30AM

GOODFELLA (Mars Graf-x, Liquid Fire Productions, Brainstorm Communications,


With his signature style of pounding underground tech, this DJ is gaining

popularity among party goers from Syracuse to Long Island. Get ready to

move. . .10:00-11:00PM

HECHU (www.onesickzoo.com, NY)

DJ Hechu has been throwing and playing at massives since 1997. With the

launch of www.nyctechno.com and a series of smaller inner city club raves,

you can be sure that his ripped hard ghetto styled hard house and techno

will keep you pumped. 12:00-1:00AM

MARK MARTINI (Dubcoast Music/Source of Gravity UK)

This guy is steadily climbing on the production front, having put

out a top charting release on Source of Gravity records in early 2002 and

working on new material that is planned for end of the year release. His

most recent mix entitled "Chasing the Tower," which is available on his

website dubcoast.com has received enough downloads to shut down three web

servers already, and has been proclaimed to "show that Progressive isn't

dead." 11:00-12:00AM

DL (IMAGINE! Productions, CT)

Meteroized turntablism & nasty pattern scratching all backed up by the most

explosive break beats, are just a few ingredients served up by DL.

Definately one of IMAGINE!'s most gifted talents! 9:00-10:00PM

FULLEST (Suburban Groove, MA)

Another prime example of NE talent will drop ill techno on this night. Get a

copy of his newest cd "One Night" as he will be dropping the free giveaways.



Visuals: Tranz TV

Lasers: True

INFOLINE: 203-287-8398

website: www.columnsofknowledge.com

email: [email protected] Get on our mailing list today!

VENUE: ASYLUM 1592 Main St Springfield, MA

ID is a must!

Promoters must call by 12/5/02 for comps!

$27 advance, $33 door







Spiritual Emporium 860-524-9719

Music Exchange 860-346-8065


Satellite 617-536-5482

Growroom 413-549-9296

4-Front 617-236-0335


any and all Bullmoose Outlets bullmoose.com


Luna Sea 401-272-5862


Joyrydestudios.com 802-863-9166


Satellite 212-995-1744

Ego 518-434-4131

Altar 518-690-2816



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Originally posted by teamj5

true dat.

so are h foundation BOTH really going to be there AND both spin ????

For some reason I find this hard to believe. And even if they are... that's a hefty price to pay for those two guys, and there aren't too many other DJs on the bill that I'd really like to see.

Why do these rave-type events have to have 30,000 DJs spin?? I'd rather hear Hippe and Halo spin for 8 hours than hear them and 7 other crappy DJs spin for an hour each. But maybe that's just me... :rolleyes:

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Yes I agree....both of them spinning i find hard to believe. i dont think it was them i saw in montreal when we were up there. halo didnt look like the halo i saw labor day....i was messed up but not that bad.

get 30 no name djs on the bill...that means 30 groups of friends coming to support their boy.

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I'd rather hear Hippe and Halo spin for 8 hours than hear them and 7 other crappy DJs spin for an hour each. But maybe that's just me...

Ever hear of "building the scene"?

Maybe you would rather hear a big name DJ...but to me, the real gems in the music scene are those on the way up. (example, James Zeibelia blowing away Sasha on a regular basis)

Halo and Hipp-e didnt start out as "stars"....they had to work their way up as well.

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I agree entirely. As for them both being there this weekend... their flights and hotel rooms are purchased. The club has 4 rooms so for the person who posted about so many djs we need to fill four rooms of talent. Tickets are going quick, hope see some of you this weekend. Peace, Knowledge

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:laugh: nope, not YET....

I went to go get CO2 on my lunch break... my roomate gave me the address of a place where he said they'd do it. Only problem is that the address doesn't exist :blown:

So now I'm going to be running around like a mad man trying to find CO2 and a keg for tonight. :mad:

Ohhhhh man it's gonna be messy tonight :pint:

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