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Someone PLEASE help me :o(

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I've been trying to change my avatar to a custom one I saved in my computer.... It is a TINY little thumbnail picture, but when I try to submit it - it tells me that "the image is too large" Why won't this work? Honestly, I've seen avatars that are much bigger, so why won't mine fit? Is there any way to shrink them????

I know this is a little :otopic: but I'm really confused..... :confused:

Thanks guy for any help u could offer me....

**This also relates to whenever I try to put pictures in my signature... I just DON"T GET HOW TO DO IT!!!!!

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Well even though this has nothing to do with the FASHION, the AVATAR has to be 100 X 100, you will need to shrink it down to a good size. If your in windows xp then you should get the image resizer power toy, and use the customer image resizer.

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