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No Pun Intended HUMOR

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A pregnant woman walked into the doctor's office to have an


The doctor told her she would be

having a baby girl. He then asked her what she would name the baby.


woman promptly answered,

"Shenequa". He asked her, "Do you have any other children?" She said,


have 5 daughters and their names

are also Shenequa". At this point the doctor said, "How do you call


home for dinner?". She replied, that's

easy, I just yell, "Shenequa, supper and they all come home." He then

asked, "Well, what about if you are going

somewhere?" She said that's easy too, I just yell, "Shenequa let's


and they all come running." Still a little

confused, he questioned her again, "but what if you only want to speak

to one of them?"

"Well, that's easy, then I just call them by they last name."

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I got a another joke like that

So there was a black girl and her momma shopping in Macys in the Make*up department and little girl is walking by the counter with attitude sayn "Dat's my name, ~Dat's my name , dat's my name, dat-s my name..............

then her mom call s out to her

Clinique! Get yo Ass over here!

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