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Umm yeah we are screwed this winter...

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Originally posted by whadupg

I can't wait to go snowboarding :D:party:

But I really wish it would stay in the mountains and off the roads - I swear every year people forget how to drive in snow!!!! :mad:

we should go sloshing in the snow sometime since you like to board!

yes, people REALLY get stupid with driving come snowfall. god forbid they should drive more than 1 mph. i think snow=idiot approaching road. :tongue:

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Originally posted by nycchic24


i hate winter.. . gawd and my bestfriend (suthrnbelle) was complaining ysterday that its not cold yet!its still 80 degrees and she's sick of the heat. she lives in florida! damn her :blown:

lol, i just saw this--it is actually "chilly" tonight, low 70s i think :rolleyes: i think i need to make a trip back to boston for some real weather :)

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