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Picotto Gatecrasher ID?

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Looking for a song off of Picotto's Gatecrasher set on 4-13-02. it's I believe the 4th song in the set...and it is preceeded by that Robot dialogue. Song starts around 17:00. Actually, if anyone has a full set list that would be even better. Thanks.

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I got these off two different boards,they are both slightly different but i think you could piece it toghether.

01. Umek - Benozal(fasno rmx)

02. ID

03. Dariush - Ira

04. ID

05. ID

06. Chris Liebing - Ping Pong Pineapple

07. Athos - Oh My God

08. Livio Tracks - Wanted

09. Mauro Picotto - Back To Cali

10. Libe - Delta force

11. Joy Kitikonti - Joydontstop

12. ID

13. Smith & Selway - Weather (Smith & Selway Mayhem Mix)

14. Johannes Heil - Paranoid dancer

15. ID

16. ID

17. TK401 - Easy land (MC mix)

18. Innerdrive ft Dhakela - Absolutely Necessary

1.umek-benzol(garbi fasano mix)


3.kay d. smith-psychodrill

4.mauro picotto-were back

5.chris liebing-ping pong pinapple

6.athos oh my god


7.??? ....i dunno it

8.livio tracks-wanted

9.mauro picotto-back to cali

10.libe-delta force(traing day mix)

11.joy kiltiokti-don't stop

12.dj woody-baseketball heroes(off the ceiling mix)

13.c.smith&j.selway-weather(mayham mix)



16.johennes heil-paraniod dancer


18.tk401-easyland(tk mix)

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