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State-Side Productions

October 24, 2002


State-Side Productions and Object Oriented Bliss announce the opening of VISION, a Friday night weekly event to take place in the heart of our nation’s capital in a new premiere venue, UP!. The event will showcase a variety of world class talent in the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) industry, focusing in on the breakbeat and house music genres. The grand opening in slated for November 8, 2002, as we welcome B.L.I.M. back to provide us yet again with some of the best sounds in breaks! (For more information on B.L.I.M. log onto www.00bliss.com and log in to the FORUMS section).

State-Side Productions, a new promotion company in the DC metro area, was founded by Jason Plank and Tim Hilke, formerly of 5†Taint, DC. They were the duo, along with help from a strong team that were responsible for the successes of STEREO, a weekly event that was held at the EDGE nightclub in southeast Washington, DC, that in it’s final weeks running had attendance totals of over 1000 compared to when the promotion company took on the challenge of building the small attendance totals left from the company that preceded them in the same venue. It was a great accomplishment for all, and in turn they broke off creating STATE-SIDE PRODUCTIONS, also adding on members Jesse Tittsworth, Jackie Wilkins, and Yvonne Sayres to ensure even greater successes for the EDM scene in Washington. The opening of VISION will be the first of many ideas in the works for the group. With the high demand and loyal following of house music in this area, State-Side, along with Ray Casil of Chocolate Music, will continue providing in demand DJ’s for the house heads all over, bringing back acts he’s given us in the past, such as, Doc Martin, Paul Johnson, Stacy Kidd, and Marques Wyatt. And to supply everyone’s need for consistency, the East Coast Boogiemen will provide the need for house music with a monthly residency.

The members of Washington, DC’s Object-Oriented Bliss had one goal in mind when they came together: to put the Nation’s Capitol on the breakbeat map. If that sounds ambitious, that’s because it is. Switchstance (Jathan McCollum), founder, met future Object-Oriented Bliss cohort and partner-in-crime Adegen (Travis Payne) in 1998. The two shared the same musical sensibilities and quickly became friends and collaborators. Producing tracks and DJing together as ‘The Fuzz’ Switchstance and Adegen are in high demand both individually and as a duo. Driven by their shared love of breakbeat and similar musical sensibilities, Switchstance’s dark progressive style and Adegen’s deep funky breaks were each other’s natural complement. Not content with simply DJing, the pair released Beats So Far, a sample CD of original material on their Object-Oriented Bliss imprint in the summer of 2002. This fall, Switchstance and Adegen take on a new challenge holding a weekly residency and providing support with the production of VISION in downtown DC. In addition to DJing and producing, Switchstance and Adegen, along with fellow Object-Oriented Bliss DJs Jen Lasher and Smalls (Skip Young) are looking to the future. What’s next? Object-Oriented Bliss, the label, is currently on the drawing board… but it doesn’t stop there! But be assured of one thing, if there is a beat in DC that is broken, you can be sure that Object-Oriented Bliss broke it.

UP! nightclub and lounge is located at 1115 F St. NW Wash. DC (Between 11th & 12th streets). UP! is a 5,000 square foot nightclub which is broken into 2 areas, with 2 dance floors, one with an overlooking balcony and a raised DJ booth. It is equipped with 20 foot ceilings, floating EAW surround sound with customs sub woofer bins built into the dance floor walls.

All Current STATE-SIDE, OBJECT ORIENTED BLISS, and VISION Information and News:



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