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The Perfect Kiss

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girls or guys what do u think makes a kiss a perfect kiss and where on the body is it performed?

To me, i think the perfect kiss is non-chalantly or when she is not expecting it to sneak up behind her....push her long hair out of the way...and start deeply kissing (NOT SUCKING!!) on her neck and moving around to and concentraiting right under her jawline on the right side from soft pecks to passionate tongue action but i stress no sucking and slobbering...if slobbering occurs...stop...wipe...repeat..cause things tend to get VERY heated and sometimes an excess amount of bodily fluids flows at the wrong moment. But definitely having her neck tilt...possibly gasping in ecstasy...and to really get her going just from the kiss...press yer hard cock tightly against her firm ass as u non-chalantly graze her clit with yer hand...this definitely should get a reaction out of her no matter what hehe.

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