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So do we get to hear about your weekend in NY

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Originally posted by kaydup

They wouldn't let Ali in? Did he not have the right paper work or something?

Nope, they wouldn't let him in. Long story short....stereo somehow managed to get the wrong one. Shady scene. I got a nice lesson in work visa policies Friday night for 2 hours :(

It promised to be such a good night too. Lots of people all over Canada were making the trip in to see him spin too. Felt bad he couldn't get in.

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Originally posted by nycchic24

actually my friend was just telling me about this last night...

isnt Ali down at Arc this weekend too? is anyone coming?

yes, i beleive he is there this weekend. i was gonna call ya while we were there, but i knew you were busy, i was in a daze all weekend, etc., etc.!!!

BAR CODE SUXKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D (okay, well not when the dirnks are free!) those damn bouncers are on to me..no drinks get by them! ;)

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