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Boston Gets Madd Props From the RastaRaver

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I am both shocked and pleasantly suprised by how tight the Boston club scene seems to be. I mean shit Oakenfield, Sasha, Digweed, these are the biggest most mainstream names in techno. I am from Jersey and now live in Orlando, Fl I will be coming to boston from august 3 to the 5th. i hope to god oakenfield will be around but i would appreciate if u guys would give me some clubs that are absolutely on the vibe that boston wants sent out. Are the Clubs in boston 21+ like south beach or is 18+ sufficient PEACE and Love

One heart, One Destiny, One Love

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If you like Oakie, S&D, etc than you'll probably like Axis. Its 19+ on Thur & Fri...actually DT was there a couple Thur ago. Avalon is 19+ on Fri, & they have a guest DJ every Fri. This week its Kimball Collins...

Hope this helps!



"Close your eyes & dance like no one is watching"

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