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Those details are not in the works yet, but I am thinking we can have an exotic fashion show for one episode so we can all take a damn vacation to some island;) they always look like they have so much fun when they do that...it will be a special episode and we can call it Wild on Fashion...hahaha

The reason I thought of the vaction thing is because I watching the growing pains episode when they went to hawaii

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ohhh I LOVE Growing Pains....

SPeaking of Hawaii.... Did you ever see when the Tanners went there on Full HOuse??? Now that's a vacation -- partying w/the Beach Boys, singing on stage.... :eek: Uncle Jesse rocks!!!

I miss the early 90's sitcoms... Full House, Growing Pains, The Wonder Years, Blossom, Saved by the Bell, etc... :(

The ones today just do not compare......

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