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another frivalous lawsuit...

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Imagine the possible lawsuits now:

Italy sues Caesars Palace (bad representation of Romans)

Egypt sues the Luxor (lost tourism revenue due to people not making the real trek to Egypt)

France suing the Paris hotel

Ringling Bros Circus suing Circus Circus hotel (after all, it cheaps the Circus image).

What a load of [email protected] The last time I was at the New York, New York in April, they had a great display out front facing the MGM, Tropicana and Excaliber of firefighter tee shirts dedicated to 9/11. Dick Grasso and his cronies should realize that more people lost money in NYSE stocks in the last few years than was lost on the tables in Vegas.

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Yeah this country really does suck dude....I fuckin hate it and what it stands for....I'll talk as much shit about it as I possibly can at every waking moment....I'll go to these "peace" rallies and then when I get mad that no one is listening to me I'll start breaking store windows and over-turning cars....Who cares right???.....But you know what....At the same time I'll take advantage of all the opportunity's this country provide's me.....I'll exercise all my rights as an American.....Yeah I know I cant live like this anywhere else but still.....Its cool to hate America....:rolleyes:

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