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please give me boston club info

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ok. listen up. although new yourk parties are undoubtedly the best(and i can't even get into any of the really good ones on sat. nighyts), i am in boston now for the next four years and i need some help. i need to know who is spinning where and when in boston, what clubs are the best, and what nights are 18 or 19+. also, if anyone knows when sasha/digweed/pvd/oakenfold/peters or anyone else is spinning in boston, please let me know. thanks a bunch.


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Welcome to Boston!

You're best bet for 19+ on Fridays is Avalon. JP will be there on the 15th..he is there once a month. They get a variety of styles on Fridays..house, trance...its a real good opportunity to see what other kinds of music styles you like. Oakie was just here so it'll probably be a while; Digweed was here in August as well. I've never heard S&D spin together here though!

Thur nights at Axis are pretty good too..lots of good trance DJ's. If you prefer hard house, then check out Venu Thur. Nailz is really good. Both are 19+.

I'm sure it'll be hard to adjust coming from NYC, but don't dwell on the 2 am closing time. Once you imbed it in your head that "Boston sucks" you'll just ruin you're own fun. I was real into the scene in NYC for 5 years, and yes, it did take me a while to adjust, but I have a blast up here!

Good luck in school & have fun!!



PS cute screen name! wink.gif


"Close your eyes & dance like no one is watching"

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