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I need a good head shop

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as far as i know:

there is only one true head shop in mass. it is called shop therapy and it lives out there in provincetown. closer to boston, there is a chain of shops in NH called headlines. i think there is one in nashua, NH and i know there is one in north conway.

the joke shops in boston, like jacks joke shop, used to sell water pipes and other stuff like that. i dont know if they still do.

remember, all of these places sell "smoking accessories for tobacco use only." if you ask for a "bong," a "bowl," "roach clips," or any other pot-related item, they will not sell to you.

and of course... i provide this information to you bcause i know you are merely looking for a new "water filtration system" to smoke your "tobacco." rolleyes.gif


i love music!

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there a bunch of them in boston at least 2 or 3 that i know off the top of my head...buried treasures is one of them another is right in kenmore square, but I can't remember its name right now...and I think kangs corner might still be around too...the one in kenmore square is the best by far though.

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