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Im coming to Boston and I need a good club. Help

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im coming into boston this weekend with two friends. We are all cool and have tons of cash to throw around. Looking for a good upscale techno/trance club. Any help anyone could give would be greatly appreciated. If you could get us on a vip list that would be even better.

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Def. go to Avalon on a Thur- its considered "Intl Night" but its more of a young professional crowd & Manny spins mostly trance.

Fridays are good at Avalon as well, check out www.avalonboston.com for the Sept schedule. You can get a table in the VIP room as well..call SF Music to reserve a table & get on a list...617-254-9040

You should also check out Aria, its more of a lounge but Raffy is very good & its a good place to spend a lot of money..

I am not a big fan of the Roxy, but its a great space..you need to be there early on Sat though unless you have a gold card...rumor has it the music has gotten better but its more mainstream house/ trance...I think they're still playing 'Ecstasy'.....this is just from what my friends that go there tell me..I've only been once!!

Sat at Avalon are good too..Manny plays prog. house & trance..crowd can be blah sometimes but the music is really good..once again you can get a table in the VIP room!!

You should also check out the Modern & Embassay..great places to drop money & they're right next store to Avalon...cool lil Euro lounges!!

Hope this helps!!




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go to Avalon on Lansdowne Street (near kenmore square/ Fenway)


go to the Roxy in the Theatre District.

they r both well laid-out rooms with kickin sound systems and acceptable house DJs. they r the two "upscale techno/trance" clubs u r looking 4. either may have a big name DJ visiting from out of town as well.


i love music!

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