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Should Augusta allow women members?

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So there's been a big debate recently in regard to Augusta National Golf course and it's private membership; which permits men only..... of course, every women's liberation and equal rights group in America has jumped on the band-wagon of picketing this place and trying to get big name men golfers to say that "yes, chicks should be allowed".

Personally, I don't think women should be allowed. It's a private club, you must be a member to play there, and the membership rules clearly state they only permit men. I don't see why all these women's groups have to tarnish a traditionally beautiful and respected course only because they are not allowed to play the course. Come on, there are a million fucking golf courses in America, play one of those, ya know? I am a female golfer, I play almost every weekend. My panties don't get in a bunch because I am not permitted on certain courses. Well so what, Fuck you is what I say. Don't take my money - I'll go somewhere else. I enjoy watching the Masters every year (which is played there). The LPGA sucks, no one watches it anyway. I know I don't..........

So what's your opinion?


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lola your sooooooooooo right.

It's a free country so if you have a private club you should be able to accept whom ever you whant. I mean the supreme cout said it was ok for the boy scouts to not accept gays so why should this be any diff.?

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