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college hoops vs. NBA

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i agree that college basketball is better than pro. then again i think college ANYTHING is better than the pro counter part..

but i also have to add that imo i think both college and pro has lost its appeal to me over the past few years. I think the biggest issue is with the movement of more and more high school players jumping to the pro's, AND/OR underclsasmen believeing they are ready after one year in school. There has been a definite depletion of talent in the college ranks and too mcuh undeveloped talent riding the pine in the pro;s. On draft day, it irks me when team owners and analysts talk about a yougin' on how he will be a force inteh leauge in 3- 4 years. thats horseshit. since when the hell is the NBA a devlopment league. Go to COLLEGE! learn the game,hone your skills and take advantage of the free education. there is more to life than just basketball :rolleyes:

and i totally agree with the hype on basketball players being the most Spoiled! :rolleyes: but thats a whole different story. and i quote from Ron Mercer (when he was a rookie withthe Celtics: "i dont care if we win or lose, i still get a paycheck no matter what" note: this never was in the papers. i heard it from his own mouth. i was utterly disgusted with him. I dont like him and i dont think he likes me too mcuh either :laugh::laugh:

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I agree that the NCAA has gotten dirty sending gifts to their players to attract them. (Ala Chris Webber, the movie Blue Chips, etc...

But there seems to be more excitement in the NCAA. Not EVERY player is gettting under-the-table funds, and most of the time they play for pride.

It's a little slower cause of the 35 second clock, but other than that, i find it very exciting, espec. around March Madness.

And you gotta love Dick Vitale :D

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