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Okay - here's the deal...I'm going to be in Boston for a week hitting all of the schools for on and off-campus promotions and College Fest for my job...

What are the good college bars/clubs to hit and possibly hold promotional parties and give out free shit? There's also room to make some money on your end too...let me know.

I don't know Boston like I should, and need help your assistance. Come on people - help a New York, Providence College Alumnus and Boston Partier looking to have a good time make some cool things happen while in Boston...




U-SPIN for sanity.

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Hey there...Hopefully I can be of some assistance to you...as far as Boston is concerned there are so many bars and clubs to choose from, but here are a few that friends and I always end up at...The Rack @ Fanuiel Hall is pretty good...there are a lots of good bars and pubs in that area so don't you worry...as for clubs...you've got the young, hip, and hot clubs over on Lansdowne Street...there is Avalon (which plays a house, trance), the Modern (which is 21+, and more upscale), Axis (which is all about the college crowd who are into the rave-type of scene),Karma (which is always a good time)and Embassy (this is actually one of the newer clubs...just opened, haven't been but i hear good things about it...).There a few other worth places to check out like The Roxy (beautiful club, pretty good scene)on Tremont Street. Boston is pretty small so you will find that it is pretty easy to tackle how to get around...people are nice and if you know how to party this little college haven should be a fun time for you...if you have any questions about anything you can email me @ [email protected]

Have fun while you are here... cwm30.gif

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