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What else can "pdiddy" do. . .

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i remember the first 3lw video, they had breakdancers and were wearing bandanas and looked like they were 13 or 14. one year passes by and they look like they are adult hoochie mamas, are they even legal? its not a turn on when a little girl like mandy moore or these girls tries to act like an adult, at least i dont think so, but then again im not a molester so i dunno. p diddy you are a loser get over j-lo and stop molesting other peoples children. haha maybe hes just reinventing 3lw the same way he "reinvented the remix" haha

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Originally posted by clubkat

(She’s very pretty, but just a tad assembly line imo)

1.) Add blond hair dye.

2.) Add "semi-dreds" and/or braids, a'la Shakira.

3.) Remove clothing, replace with skimpy designed joke-of-an-outfit.

4.) Lots of time in the tanning salon. Go for the "blond haired hot wild native stranded-on-an-island" look.

5.) Fail miserably at said attempt. Create makeup encrusted blond bitch instead.

6.) Bring in top notch producers, engineers and choreographers to create the real substance. Singer simply becomes a figurehead.

7.) Enjoy 3-5 years of heavy profits as mainstream audiences are suckered into falling for the same image as shakira, aguilera and spears.

8.) After 5 years in the spotlight, "thug it up" by bringing performer's level down to the "street." Keep it "real", a'la Aguilera and Mariah Carey. Attempt to be classy and ghetto simultaneously.

9.) Realize nobody cares anymore. Abandon project. Find new young girl to slap makeup on and discard current singer. Resign her to an expensive house and living off fading record sales. Refer to excellent plastic surgeon to undo the years of"swamp face" damage the heavy makeup has done to her complexion.

10.) Fade quietly into oblivion, looking and living like the mother from Something About Mary.

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