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Mauro Picotto fans

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If you didn't know there is a nice hour or so mix doing the rounds which was given away free on this months Ministry magazine in the UK.

It's called,Mauro Picotto-Italian techno Master and the track listing is :-

1. Megamind-Taub (2002 rmx)

2. David Alvarado-Polygons

3. Raumagent Alpha-Superzaxxon

4. Phantom Power-Can-O

5. Jamie Anderson-Can't stop reworks (g force mix)

6. Joey Beltram-The Feature

7. Massimo-Cominotto (on the beach mix)

8. Mauro Picotto-Were back (intro mix)

9. Gabry Fasano-Random

10. Nitzer Ebb-Let your body learn

11. Transponder 2-Capsule

12. Fabio MC-Percuter

13. Henrik B-Teorema

14. Asem Shama-It found a voice

15. Nico Awtsventin-Aurelon

16. Oliver Lieb-Subsonik (filterheadz remix)

17. Mauro Picotto-Rampuns


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Originally posted by sadelb

nice playlist..i heard van dyk opened up his set with taub 2002 at roxy

Yeah i'm not sure what i think of that mix yet,i'll have to listen to it a few more times yet.I know i don't like it as much as the original though,thats one of my fave tunes ever.

The mix is good,it's a bit different from the straight up bangin we usually get,this is what he says of it.

''So for me,this cd is somthing different.I've got some house on there,some chillout,some techno.It's always music,but at the moment i don' like to be playing just one style.The club scene has changed a lot,and i want to change with it.I take my risks.Many tracks on this cd i nearly always play in my set.It's also got a few that are maybe a year old,but if the qualitys good i don't see why i have to stop playing it.The scenearound the world is differnt everywhere you go and this compilation is a journey-you have to listen and relax,it's only 73 minutes but it's somthing different i'm sure''

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Originally posted by angelicious

yea starshaped and this weekend you are hooking it up for me. talk to u soon hon.

The one i have for you is better;) If only you computer could hold it's connection for more than five minutes at a time though:tongue:

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