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HELP!?! lately, i was wondering...

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...if there is any possibility of a nameless DJ who spins mostly deep trance and tribal to ever find a club gig anywhere around here. i have a few connections, but i want more opinions.

obviously, every aspiring DJ wants to be a big club guy who spins only the music he likes. fortunately for me, i had never had plans for anything more than afterhours parties. bc of that, i have developed my own particular style. i spin mostly deep trance & tribal (mixing in some prog trance & house). my fans (all five of em-- ha ha), think its awesome music.

unfortunately, after spinning at a prime-time party in worcester on friday and being badgered by two people who wanted to hear the "new" music from their favorite CD i became kind of discouraged. they didnt want to hear the mind blowing tracks i had just picked up from NYC, they wanted to hear the oompa loompa song from the MDMA3 CD!

obviously there are different tastes in music, even among those of us who go out to the same nightclubs, but cant ppl try something different once in a while, especially on an occasion like halloween? there was another girl (a friend of the two ppl above) who told me the music was "frightening her." i took it as a compliment, it *was* halloween and properly mixed deep trance does create a strange and hypnotic vibe. then she started *demanding* that i play madonna!

i dont need to be a DJ to make money. i dont want to be a DJ just because its my latest fad. i am a DJ because i love music, i have been playing with vinyl most of my life, i have some skills, and many ppl i know really do appreciate it. i have gotten skillful and i do want to start thinking about moving up to next level. if i do get into this business, i know i have to make comprimises and thats fine.

so here are the options as i see em:

1. keep it real

and continue to follow/purchase/spin deep trance & tribal, maybe never get a club gig, and just be happy doing what i love

2. stop being so narrow minded

and start moving towards more accessible music so i can aspire (with or without success) to break into the big clubs

3. forget about it

bc even if i do have a few connections, good taste in music, and some decent skills, the world doesnt need another freaking DJ!

4. cheese out totally

bc the only places i will gig will have people who only want to hear the stuff they already know (madonna, zombie nation, rage against the machine, elvis, whatever)

what should i do? HELP!?!


i love music!

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