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simple rules for dating

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1. If they like you, they would do the same as you would.

2. If you ask them out and they are busy, and there is no counter offer, forget it.

3. Best time to exit the relationship is the third date or the third month. Third date not to serious, third month because you don't want to lead them on.

4. They shouldn't still be hung-up on another guy.

5. Key dates:

a.) You need to break up by December 7th or your stuck through the holidays.

b.) Before Memorial Day is off season - they think they'll meet someone better over the summer.

c.) New Years to Valentines Day is open season - nobody wants to be alone on Valentines Day

d.) End of August through October open season - nobody wants to be alone on the Holidays

e.) Valentines Day is a good day to find someone - you know they are unattached if at a bar

6. Read Cosmo - "the enemy battle plan"

7. First blind date should always be mid-week drinks

8. Everyone has baggage - determine if it is an overnight bag or the seven piece American Tourister

9. If they are rich ignore items #1 and #8

10. I'll make fool of myself but not an ass.(Don't embarrass yourself too much to get blown-off again)

11. Learn to cook at least one good meal.

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