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what do we look like? POST YOUR PICS HERE!!!!

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Hey I dont have a scanner but I do have a cam,when I actually wake up and shower I'll definitly post one up,everyone else should also.

Oh yeah Djjoshuacarl I went to your site,thats pretty phat.Ive been wanting to go to the purple shamrock for some time now,but I heard its full of a bunch of meat heads.What do you think?

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THERE RIGHT, its a bunch of meatheads...

no, its a real laidback drunken stooper.

its your typical colligiate meatmarket.

scately clad women, guys in flannels.

but i walked in there, and got the job on the spot. and its my first residency on fridays saturday sunday night.

i pretty much have artistic freedom, i just cant get tooo deep.

unfortunatly i can get more gigs in south beach, than i can here.

if your ever in the nieghborhood pop in.

drop my name too. the line can be redicioulus.




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This was taken at the Roxy 2 weeks ago with a bunch other friends. I'm in the gold. I look pretty cracked out when the pic blows up (well, we all do!)but I can't delete it! AHHHH!


[This message has been edited by ~h~ (edited 11-17-2000).]

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