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e binges.

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full article @ http://www.loosie.com/words/archives/000212.html

After dropping one hit of ecstasy each, we made our way to pool hall bar that spun hip hop in the back corner near the bathroom. No matter if a dj is spinning or not, ecstacy is not a good bar drug. You will have to come into contact with too many inebriated people whose emotions are being manipulated in a different way. An innocent ecstasy induced blank stare at the wrong drunk guy and your whole high can get blown. Out of your ear.

When the pill really started to roll us: the nauseus tease in the stomach, the chills pumping up and down the extremities, the jaw clenching, and the stares from the bartender after ordering the pitcher of water; we decided it was time to break camp. I got a phone number off a girl in a black one piece body suit who had her cell phone hanging from the center of her low cut bust line. Two glittered pillows cradled the phone she would pick up my call on. It was meant to be.

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