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How's Axis?????

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I've never been to axis before, but I've heard awesome djs go there (pvd, sasha and diggs, carl cox, debo, max graham, etc..)

how's the club?

how's security? (i.e., are they tight w/ ids?)

sound system??

thanx guys any 411 would be good! cwm30.gifcwm29.gifcwm17.gifcwm16.gif peace! --daniela



"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."

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Chrome - Thursdays at Axis is the BEST NIGHT IN THE CITY, BY FAR.

Over the last several months alone they had Dave Seaman, Carl Cox, Quivver, Max Graham, Pete Tong, Paul Van Dyk and Digweed is coming next week.

Best sound system around, and the security is straight up professional. They are tough on IDs, but it is 19+ on that night anyway.

Debo and Ali are both really good residents and the overal vibe in there is fantastic. It is like steping off the street in Boston, into a club in London or Germany.

The BEST NIGHT at the BEST CLUB in the city.

Check it out.

(and no, I dont work for Axis, I just have to give Debo credit for getting the best talent in the WORLD to come to Boston every week....MUCH RESPECT.)

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'nuf said

cwm30.gif peace out cwm30.gif

im back.


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