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having a big sale today! i hit it over the weekend.. i got 5 shirts a skirt and a cute little candies bag for 105.00 bucks!!! it was a great bargain day at the mall! you know where else i went.. was H&M they have all these cute bra and panty sets.. they had some cute clothes too.. that place is good for throw away clothes.. like stuff you only wear a few times.. cute little workout outfits.. so you don't care if you ruin them..

needless to say i went to the mall to buy one shirt.. and some new foundation.. and came home with a trunkful.. oh well.. i sure am happy today!

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ha.. i learned from the best! my grandmother.. i figure she is doing something right.. cause she has a lot of money! now that she is older she gets to enjoy herself.. have a great house and car.. my grandparents both had good professions but nothing with an over abundance of income.. my grandfather was in the military.. and then worked in a furniture store till he retired.. and my grandmother is a foster mother..(which she still is) they just played their cards right.. were thrify and had some good investments!

plus for me b/c i live on my own and pay for school and stuff.. if i don't look for the bargains.. i will be rocking my neiman marcus clothes in the box i will have to live in!


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