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Moving to boston area.....help!!!

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hi shane smile.gif

unfortuantely everything closes at 2AM in boston - still livin' with those old puritan rules in this town!

well there is Rise on friday nights, but it is a private club - members only or invite deal. and it is the only afterhours thing i know of. i am not a member but have friends who are and have offered to take me so i can prolly help you if interested in that - or you can find someone else who can hook you up . . . you should add yerself to this email list <[email protected]> to get info on all sorts of stuff in the area, but i am warning you it is high traffic only has occasional drama, unlike bostonraves!

as for places like Exit (been there once it was fun) prolly Axis (Chrome on thursday nights rocks - they bring in djs like pvd, digweed, dave ralph, carl cox, dave seaman, etc . . .) is yer best bet. roxy on saturday nights is good. avalon is good on friday nights (avaland) they had tall paul a while ago. um if you like d n'b there is the rinse at Envy on wed nights but that's moving to Venu soon. There is Elements at Phoenix Landing on thurs nights. they have something else on wed nights too.

Karma is sometimes fun but i have been hit on by some sketch guys there . . . .

hmm there are a bunch of other trendier places i want to check out but haven't had a chance cause most of my friends are under 21, which really sucks. i hope this helped you some - if you have any other q's feel free to pm me and i will try to answer or find out for ya smile.gif

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If you like hardhouse you should check out Venu thurs DJ Nailz tears it up every week and should also check out Avalon Fri's from time to time!! Rise has good dj's as well but you need to know someone with a membership to get in!! It will cost also check out from time to time Karma and Avalon Sats!!!

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