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A Passage from the great One...Please Read

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Alas, your idol has expanded from the NJ to the NY cp message boards. Metropolitan Guidettes, Staten lsland Monsters, Luscious Long Islanders and all of you Strippers...I hope you've been taking care of those silicon enhanced tight and deeply tanned little bodies of yours for GROPASAURUS. I've groped and been groped by plenty of you in the off season, whether I was in Vegas at Bebe's and Drais, Miami at Level and Bed, Italy at the various clubs on the island of Rimini, NJ at Joey's, Bunkas & Casbah or here in NYC at Eugene's, Lotus, Pangea, Spa, Float, Halo...etc., and all of the other places I grace with my presence. I must say that while I did come across some outstanding specimens, I was disappointed to an extent regarding the quality and condition some of you appeared to be in. I blame most of it on those Middle Eastern scums of the earth and the absolutely horrific economic environment, but then again I packed on 10 more pounds of lean muscle (naturally of course), reduced my body fat to 8%, developed an absolutely amazing tan and improved my wardrobe to the point that anything not D&G, Gucci, Versace, Emporio Armani or BCBG was donated tp the Young Guidos of America charity, one I proudly sit on the Board of Directors for. Therefore, I urge each of you to drag yourselves to the gym, tanning/hair/nail salon, plastic surgeon and local guidette monster retail stores to prepare for the upcoming opportunity to meet me.

As for all of you preppy Guido worshipping pussies out there...I hope at least some of you came to your senses and decided to apply for admission into THE ALLIANCE in this new year of 2002!!! However, I must warn you that THE ALLIANCE has grown and expanded globally at multiples beyond human recognition, so the consideration process will be even more difficult than it already was.

All right, that's all for now, I need to go flex in front of the mirrors and admire how gorgeous I am while my assistants look at me in awe in this ridiculous corner office they gave me last summer...and to answer any of your questions out there...yes, I'm just that damn good.

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