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So whatever happened to...

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Current theories I'm working on:

a) He got whacked previously, on the Sopranos.

B) He's stuck in a trance breakdown and can't get out.

c) He ran away with that Anal chick cause we all know how much he loved Anal.

d) He's been posing in front of the camera with his shirt off for his next sig.

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Originally posted by pgiddy

oh man, if jimi ever does check in with cp, he has a mess to read!lol. well i saw him the other day. all he does is work, go to ITT, smoke drugs, and have parties at his house which he doesnt advertise to CP members because we're not good enough. but yeah, jimi and jeremy have been honing their kissing techniques with each other. thanks to seventeen magazine. they can now face the world again in which they live.

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