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So how is Glow?


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im in connecticut right now and have been here since the sept jus for fall semester. So buzz closed right after i left which was sad. im coming down to visit next weekend and was thinking about Glow. Last time i went it was 2 years ago when i was bout 17 and it was at the zei club...it wasnt that great and i got yelled at b/c i didnt tip the guy in the bathroom...wtf? so does it still suck there...same international wannabe crowd?

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glow is now at insomnia around the MCI center. while their sound system is still to harsh for my ears, and there is lots of groping still, i think that from back then they have done some stuff to improve their image. they are little more lax with the dress code, yu can wear jeans and some types of sneakers, can wear t-shirts, although they still wnat patrons to be somewhat dressed.

their staff doesnt shout that much as they used. they always used to be yelling to move it up the stairs, to not wiat for anybody on the stairs, etc....

guestlist still remains a problem. friends that go thgere alot still have problems of guest list not being respected, although last time i went there, it was.

duno, if you like trance, i think youll like it. if i was into trance the way i used to be b4, i guess i would go way more ofetn.

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sounds like they have improved it some what. i remember having problems with the dress code...they almost didnt' let me in cuz i was wearing cargo pants. im not a really big trance fan but it'll do...dont really feel like driving all the way up to bmore to go to trust. thanks for the info.

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