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Leonid meteor shower

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THE LEONIDS won’t produce a dramatic shower again until at least 2033. The next time the annual event will perform as well as this year is likely to be 2098 or later, astronomers believe.

“This may be the last opportunity for many of us to see a true meteor storm,” Lunsford told Space.com. “The Leonids of 2033 and 2066 are predicted to be weak in comparison to the displays of the last few years.”

anyone thinking of waking up early to see this? :confused:

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Originally posted by vikkii123

Ok so I get up every morning at 5:30 so being the dork I am since I was already up I went outside with my dog and I watched the meteor shower this morning. It was pretty cool...

Did anyone else see it??


Nope - my mother even called to wake me up for it. I just rolled over and went back to bed. Lazy, lazy, lazy! I thought you had a pet squirrel? ;)

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