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whats up with this board?

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and we're glad you did :D

tony, i think DG summed it up pretty well for ya on another thread:

Originally posted by dgmodel

its about life... and everything in it... its an escape from those thousands of posts about ROXY, or howells or PVD, etc... its a chance to vent, a chance to take in, a chance to grow... A CHANCE toooooooo... pretty much a creative canvas for all clubplaneteers to express themselves, their thoughts, theyre opinions, or what have you... its about YOU...

for more on postwhores and our way of life:


in short, the "bump..." board is whatever you want it to be :)

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I'vve been here since the golden age, when we weren't even a forum, just a wild group of postwhore's banding together on the new york board in "..." and BuMp ~!

This place is fun. It's the 1st forum i look at on clubplanet and the last one to see. Im a proud member :D

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