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Avalon - New Years

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Originally posted by kaydup

I just don't get it. They couldn't secure someone other than Dave Ralph and Micro for New Years.

Staying away from there.

:( and Porter's at Asylum! Think I might have to break out the glowsticks!

Haha - funny story. Before they opened up Axis on Friday night, we were standing at the bar in Avalon & this guy comes up to us - little bit of a guido type, but he seemed pretty harmless so we talked with him for a bit.

Guido- Hey ladies, how's it going tonight?

Us- fine.

Guido - So where's your boyfriends?

Us- home.

Guido - Yeah, mine's home too.

Me - Your boyfriend is at home?

Barbara- Yeah, Why'd you leave him at home?

Guido - ha, ha - you know what I meant.

Us - umm, yeah (we both start looking bored)

Guido - So do you girls have any tatoos? I do, do you want to see it? (as he proceeds to take his shirt off in the middle of everyone to show us this stupid tatoo of crescent moon with a squiggly line in the middle).

Me - Is that your what your going to use as an excuse to take your shirt off for girls this evening? Is that wimpy thing even real?

Guido - Come on- give me a break, I'm scared of needles.

*Two of his friends come over and ask if he's going to hit the dancefloor soon*

Guido - Yup, just about ready and proceeds to bust out a red and a blue glowstick.

Me - :laugh:

Barbara - :laugh: at me laughing at him.

Two guys standing next to us at bar that saw the whole thing going down- :laugh: :laugh:

Guido - What? (looking confused) You two coming out to dance?

Me, Barbara & two guys at bar - :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Another botched pick-up attempt at Avalon!

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