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Oakenfold!!! Waahoooo!!!

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Hey hey kids...

So, what's this i hear about Oakenfold @ the Avalon on April 9th?! Who's Down!?!? it's not even april yet and i got the pre-oakey gitters! cwm20.gif

Can someone help me out with a few details (i've never been to the avalon b4...)

is oakey's show confirmed for monday, april 9th?

if so, what time will he be playing from-til? (and who's the opener?)

can you take the T to the avalon? (or take the t to a near walking distance from the avalon?)

anyone know how much avalon usually charges and/or how much they will be charging for oakey? (also, are they selling tickets online?)

sorry for all the questions! (i can't seem to find any of this info online.. so i rely on you good people!)

One last inquiry before i collapse:::

WHO'S COMING TO OAKEY!?!?!?!?!??!? smile.gifcwm30.gifcwm35.gif

(I'm not on this board alot, altho i go to school in good ol' providence.. so forgive me if similar posts about oakey have been floating all about the board smile.gif )

peace out! --daniela

p.s. Thank you so much!!!



"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music." AoL: MAReLuNa

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