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Netanyahu attacks PM over Palestinian state

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Interesting play of politics in Israel..


Netanyahu attacks PM over Palestinian state


Foreign Minister Binyamin Netanyahu went on the attack Wednesday, slamming Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for backing a Palestinian state, and saying if this is Sharon's policy, he would not join a future Sharon government.

In an interview on Army Radio, Netanyahu said if Sharon wins next week's Likud primaries and continues to support the establishment of a Palestinian state, "I will, of course, not be able to be a part of that government."

Avoiding economic issues, which only a week ago his campaign heads said would be the main theme of his campaign, Netanyahu framed the upcoming primaries as a Likud referendum on a Palestinian state.

Sharon, at a campaign address to Likud municipal heads in Hod Hasharon Wednesday night, did not refer directly to Netanyahu or his attacks. Rather, he said he had directed his people "not to attack, to show restraint, not to sting."

"I will continue to act with deliberation, responsibly, and not be dragged after baseless promises and empty slogans," he continued, saying that some of the comments made Wednesday had already "done a great deal of damage" to Israel. Leadership, Sharon said, "is not built through words and slogans."

Sharon has said on a number of occasions, most recently in a television interview last week, that he believes a Palestinian state is inevitable.

This position, Netanyahu said, places Sharon beyond the pale for the Likud.

Of the three prime ministerial candidates, including himself, Netanyahu said, "two of them Amram Mitzna in the Labor Party, and Ariel Sharon, unfortunately inside the Likud, declare that they will establish a Palestinian state. And only the third candidate aggressively opposes this." When the 300,000 Likud members go to the polls next week, he said, they will be deciding whether or not they want there to be a Palestinian state.

"People need to make a true decision," Netanyahu said. "And they understand that with this election they are establishing something very fateful whether the Likud will elect a leader who says openly 'I will establish a Palestinian state' when the vast majority know that this represents a grave risk to the State of Israel."

A member of Sharon's team responded that these words show "Bibi is sweating. Sharon does not need to respond to every slogan." The source went on to say that the Palestinian state Sharon has said he imagines would eventually be established will come at the very end of a number of steps, including an end to terrorism and genuine reform.

"It is very simplistic to say he is going to give the Palestinians a state," the source said. "Sharon is talking about something that would take place after many stages, at which point there would be a state that would believe in peace with Israel, not threaten its existence."

The official said Sharon has made no concessions to the Palestinians, while Netanyahu, when he was prime minister, signed the Wye accords and the Hebron agreement. "The facts are that Netanyahu made risky concessions. Sharon has not. Look at the facts, don't just listen to the noise."

Netanyahu also said that if elected, he would not try to form a national unity government with a Labor Party headed by Mitzna. Sharon has said repeatedly that he would try to set up another unity government, even though Mitzna has indicated he would not bring Labor into a Sharon-led cabinet.

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Originally posted by dnice35

You were all so harsh on Sharon, the man has offered and agreed to a Parasite state. Frankly I hope they irradicate the Palestinians once and for all.

Be careful what you wish for dnice....

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