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Guide to NYE in London

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Originally posted by starshaped

I'm disapointed in this one Vixen,usually i laugh at your put downs,but this one is just lame :D


I'm sorry, are you criticizing MY humor? That's a bold claim for someone who doesn't even TRY.... you've amused me a total of zero times in the past like, 2 weeks, so I'd have to say you're lucky I put in the effort. cooked.gif

Now stfu and get to entertaining me, cause i'm wildly drunk and i'll likely want to kill myself in the morning when my mom wakes me up at 8 a.m. for breakfast and I'm all hung over. Make my day, doncaster... i'm counting on you! :D

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Originally posted by vixenfoxxy

OK masters of humor, let's see what you can do then! Especially you Eric 'cause you haven't said anything amusing in quite some time - you're overdue :finger:

that makes me feel all warm and squishy. either that, or i had an accident.



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