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Are we going too far?

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Originally posted by vicman

so if i'm your regular day McGuyver, the watermellon, laundry detergent, and masking tape that i buy in the store would put me in jail? :confused:

yeah, i'm really not sure where they are going with this. do you really think it'll help or just make Americans more fearful?

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Yeah, and what happens if people just pay cash for this stuff?? How are they gonna track that?

This is just not going to work... terrorists will catch on and start buying round trip tickets instead of one-way tickets. They'll start buying cars instead of renting them, etc., etc.. The goverment is just using people's fear and 9/11 to pass overbearing, intrusive laws that they've been dying to get on the books for years. FUCK YOU BIG BROTHER :finger:

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