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London New Years Eve

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I will be visiting London for the first time this New Year. Can anyone reccommend cool places (i.e. - clubs, bars, restaurants, shopping, etc.) to visit while I'm there? Since I am gay, I'd prefer places that caters to a gay (or gay-friendly) clientele.

I've already bought tickets for the New Year party at Lazy Dog. What is the crowd like there? I prefer deep house & garage (Body & Soul) when out dancing at clubs. I'm so sick of the mega-club/circuit parties.

So, anybody with any insight would be greatly appreciated.



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Originally posted by starshaped

Trade has finished now Erik


I'm sorry Chle i can't help you with any of your requsts,i've never heard of Lazy Dog and i don't know any clubs which cater for you preffered style of music. :(

The fact that he hasn't heard of Lazy Dog is positively disgraceful, and for this reason I highly suggest, Chle, that you go hunt down this loserface toolwagon and beat the ever living crap out of him until he learns what real music is about and ditches those awful UK hard house CD's he keeps locked up in his room... :rolleyes:

I wish I could offer you something offhand but I am not familiar with the scene over there (being just another new yorker) but I will ask my resident expert over here and maybe I can dig up someinfo for you :)

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