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whats there to do monday?

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This Monday at FUCK IT 21st and south.....

. Tuning spork awareness night with your guest dj's

Jay Haze- is originally of Northeastern Pennsylvania. By day, Jay is a small business owner and artist by trade of glass. By night, he is one of the most prolific and sincere producers in Philly. Jay continues to mesmerize Philly’s little ears with his ongoing outburst of tracks and randomized DJ sets. He is one the many people walking this earth claiming to be an alien, and noone can say he is not. If you listen to his other projects as well as tuningspork , you will see that this kid is not all there ....upstairs i mean. ;-p In fact jay has spent time in a mental institution, while they tried to figure it out . They let him out on his own recognince, due to his high leveled intelligence . ( he tricked them !!! )

Sean O Neal- is Philly-breed. Also known for his thriving experimental label, Fuzzy Box Records, O’Neal continues his ongoing corky dorky project, Flowchart (1998 Urb’s "Next 100"), with a discography that will fill up an entire wall. He is a member of the legendary 611 Records staff when he’s not writing for publications like Philadelphia City Paper, CMJ Monthly, Faqt, Philly2nite.com, and others. He holds several DJ residencies around Philly, has a radio show on Princeton U’s 103.3 WPRB, and is usually out spinning somewhere most nights of the week. he has also been battling with his sexuality. He has a fascination with the words BIG FAT AND HAIRY .

Bjorn- is originally from Munich, Germany, and presently shooting for a masters degree in Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania. The computer junky has been a member of various PC tracking crews [HBE, PP, SEGA] in the mid-90s. He is also a member of the 611 staff as well as Nigel Richard’s roommate. Bjoern has been dropping techno and electro at raves and clubs in both countries since ‘96. He loves to hide out for weeks at a time. Bjoern likes to pick at his butt while people watch , those dingleberries can't stay away from his sweet-ass. He is a really cool kid, with a nice sense of humor.......any ladies down ? gimme a email ....i 'll get back to you rea lfast !! i love boobies !

FUCK IT is located on the northeast corner of 21st and south in philadelphia, 21 and up with ID please. for more info on the tuning spork dorks, please visit tuningspork.com! see you monday!

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