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So you think we're a free country, right?

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When discussing with people the subjects of "freedom" and "what is wrong with this country", the same pathetic statements seem to always come up:

1. "If you hate this country so much, then why don't you leave?"

First off, I never said I hate this country! It's the tyrannical Government that I hate. How about you people who love Nazism and Dictatorship so much all leaving to a Communist, Dictator country?

2. "We are freer than every other country"

Since when does the standard of being free equate to what goes on in other countries? As long as we are a bit freer than everyone else then it is ok for Government to steal the rest of our Rights from us and rule us like criminals?

3. "Would you rather live in Afghanistan or Iraq?"

What kind of illogical and stupid question is that? So as I watch my income and Rights being raped and robbed, I just need to be thankful that I am not an Afghani or Iraqi?

If the founding fathers of this once great country were somehow able to join us today, our dictators in Government would be instantly shot or hanged for Treason! No questions asked!

This is America. The Land of the Free? Well it aint Free No More!

In a Free Society you don't pay taxes on something you own. When you Own a piece of property should you keep having to pay the government for it? By doing so means you NEVER really own it. You are only renting it from the Government. In a Free Society should you have to get permission to build a house or even a shed on your own property? In a Free Society you should be able to do whatever the hell you want on your own property (as long as you are not violating the Rights of someone else)!

Sorry Bud but ya aint Free!

Freedom doesn't Force you to wear a seatbelt to drive a car. Freedom doesn't Force your kids to wear helmets to ride their bikes when the parents don't think it is necessary. Freedom doesn't regulate what you put in your own bodies. Freedom doesn't steal your Income giving back to you only a percentage. Freedom doesn't control what organizations you support with your money. Freedom doesn't take your money and force you to give it to someone else.

Think you are Free?

In a Free Society the legality of Medical Marijuana would Never be an issue! Do you remember how the American People voted in favor of and overwhelmingly passed making Marijuana LEGAL with a Doctor's recommendation? Aren't these same people that are now using it LEGALLY being thrown into jail and prison because they are exercising their Rights? Still think you are Free?

In a Free Society smoking Marijuana even for non medical reasons would not be illegal. In a Free Society anything you choose to put in your body would be legal. It's YOUR Body! You own it. NOT the Government!

In a Free Society you wouldn't be Forced to pay for your kids and everyone else's kids to go to a public Government school. In a Free Society you would be able to Educate your own kids in any way you as a parent see fit. They are your responsibility- Not the Governments or anybody else's!

In a Free Society you wouldn't be Forced to hire a minority over someone who is more qualified just to please the state. In a Free Society you wouldn't be Forced to pay someone a certain wage, especially when they might not even be qualified.

In a Free Society you wouldn't be limited in the weapons you choose to protect your home and family. In a Free Society you would never have to worry about your phones being tapped or that your email is being read by some bureaucrat.

In a Free Society your Doctor would never have to go through some uneducated bureaucrat for permission to operate or perform a certain procedure.

If you think you are Free please give me some of what you are smoking so I can feel Free too!

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